Brown Recluse Spiders
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Are Brown Recluse Spiders In Arizona?

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There are more Google searches for Brown Recluse Spiders in Arizona than for Black Widow Spiders. That’s a bit surprising since we don’t actually have Brown Recluse Spiders in Arizona while the Black Widow Spider is common – here in Surprise AZ and throughout the state. That probably happens because folks are worried about the Brown Recluse and because there are so many species of brown spiders around. And many of them bare a violin shaped mark on the cephalothorax similar to that of the Brown Recluse. FYI: Brown Recluse Spiders aren’t always brown. They vary in color from whitish to dark brown or even a blackish gray.

So how do you know for sure if the spider that’s staring you down right now is indeed a Brown Recluse? The 1st thing is the violin or fiddle shaped mark on their back. All recluse spiders have it. Then notice the joints in the legs, which may be a slightly lighter color than the rest of the leg. Finally, look them in the eyes. No, really. While many species of spiders have eight eyes, all recluse spiders – including the Brown Recluse – has six. The eyes are arranged in pairs – one medial pair (in the middle) and two lateral pairs (towards the sides). There are only a few species of spiders worldwide that have the same number of eyes arranged the same way.

So why are folks so worried about Brown Recluse Spiders? First off, they’re spiders. That’s really enough right there – don’t you think? But the big thing about this spider is their bite. You may not even know you’ve been bitten at first as it’s often not painful, or even detectable. And, luckily, most Brown Recluse Spider bites are minor and involve no necrosis (damage and possible death of tissue cells). One study suggests that skin necrosis appeared in about 37% of bites while a more serious systemic illness happened about 14% of the time. Every great now and then, a Brown Recluse Bite can cause hemotysis, which is the bursting of red blood cells. Sound like fun!

Obviously, we recommend that you do not handle spiders as you never know exactly what you’re dealing with. We do have a few dangerous spiders here in Surprise AZ so caution should always be taken. Good pest control can help and you should take the time to teach your kids what bugs to touch and what bugs to just tell you about. It could save them – and you – from a real bad experience.

We provide excellent Pest Control Solutions in Surprise, AZ and throughout the Phoenix area, including for spiders, and have 1000’s of happy Pest Control customers. Call or fill out the contact form below for your free quote and let us provide you and your family with a spider-free environment, too.

According to the Arizona Cooperative Extension, University of Arizona, we don’t have established colonies of Brown Recluse Spiders in Arizona. We do, however, have a few close cousins in the state including the Arizona Recluse and Desert Recluse.

Spiders in Surprise AZ

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Interesting Facts About Brown Recluse Spiders

  • Brown Recluse Spiders really are reclusive and like to live alone.
  • Brown Recluse Spiders can be found in Canada and the United States as well as other areas of the world.
  • In the U.S. it is found only in the south and central regions.
  • They hide in places that make them hard to detect such as closets, under furniture, shoes, etc.
  • Their webbing is generally irregular, disorganized and un-kept. usually close to the ground, but not always.
  • Also known as ‘fiddleback spiders’, “violin spiders” or “the brown fiddler”.

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