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Termites – more specifically, Subterranean Termites – are a huge problem and big business here in the Surprise AZ area. Believe it or not, termites are the cause of more property damage than earthquakes, tornadoes and fires combined. Termites love to eat wood but they’ll also eat just about anything else that contains cellulose, too. Photos, Christmas decorations, filed paperwork, furniture – the list goes on and on. Often they’re there eating your stuff before you even know it. Having a professional termite inspection annually is really a great way to stay 1 step ahead of termites and the damages they cause. Providing you have a reputable, detail oriented termite company do the inspection, that is.

It’s said that for every human on the planet Earth there are 1000 pounds of termites. Within the state of Arizona it’s estimated that there are 3-5 termite colonies per acre of land. It may be upwards to 18 per acre in the Tucson area. With each colony being home to as many as 100,000 individual termites the numbers are just about staggering. On top of that, termites eat 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Termite damage can add up pretty quickly if left undetected.
Termites Surprise AZ

In the Surprise, AZ area you’ll likely have a subterranean termite problem at some point in time. Subs need a certain temperature and humidity to survive. They build what’s called shelter tubes so they can extend that environment from their underground nest out to their work area. Shelter tubes can show up just about anywhere in your home or business. They are often found coming up the garage walls from the floor or hanging straight down from the ceiling. These tubes look like dirt and are usually about the same size around as a pencil, though they can be much larger.

There are a few options for the home owner who is concerned about termites. If you’re losing sleep over termites get a reputable company out to do a thorough inspection. They can give you options for either preventative or corrective treatment that may include either/both in-ground liquid and in-wall foam applications. Within the Arizona pest control industry it’s often said that there are 2 types of termite infestations: the 1 you have and/or the 1 you will have. Give us a call or fill out the contact form and get your free inspection….and some sleep!

We can also handle all of your bugs, bed bugs and weeds, too!

Got Termites?

Subterranean Termites are now present in every state except Alaska and are considered to be the single greatest economic pest in the United States. Call for your free Termite Inspection & quote today.

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Though not real popular among us humans, termites are actually fascinating critters. Here’s a few thing you may not know about them:

  • Though termites look a bit like ants, they’re actually more closely related to cockroaches.
  • Ants are public enemy #1 for termites. They can decimate a termite colony very quickly.
  • Termites have live protozoa and bacteria in their digestive tracts. They break the cellulose that termites eat down to sugars that termites can actually digest and live off of.
  • Termites damage about 600,000 residential structures per year within the United Sates.
  • Around $5 billion is spent annually within the United States to control termites and repair termite damage.
  • The average cost to repair termite damage is around $3000 which is much more than the average termite treatment which usually ranges from $500 – $1500 according to industry experts.
  • There are about 45 species of termites in the United States and more than 2300 worldwide.
  • Worker and soldier termites are completely blind.
  • Termites build the largest nests of any insect on the planet.
  • It’s thought that termites have been present on Earth for about 250 million years.

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